Tuscany, Italy


Oh Tuscany, what else can we say accept that we love you and are drawn back here year after year. The wine, the cheese, the wine! We love to just roam around this area of Italy and go to different wineries and small little villages and soak in the Tuscan Hillside.

Tuscany truly feels like you are in a movie. Everywhere you look there is another amazing view. We recomend renting a scooter for a few days and just hopping on that puppy and enjoy the ride! 

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San Gimignano

This is a classic tuscan village that you have most likely already heard about. It was pretty touristy when we went but we have heard that it can be really incredible in the winter months. Don't get us wrong, it was still beautiful, there are just other places that don't feel so crowded. 

tuscany italy
tuscany italy
san gimignano italy
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This itty bitty town consisted of three restaurants, two churches, and buildings that dated back to the 11th century which is just insane! We rode our scooter over to this little town  and enjoyed fresh made cinnamon gelato and a spritz. 

volpaia tuscany italy
tuscany italy
chianti italy
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This was such an incredible charming town that was one of our favorites of the day. It didn't feel as touristy as San Gimignano. There was amazing views, art, and food to enjoy in this little gem...like most Italian towns. 

small quaint towns in italy
castellina chianti italy
quaint towns in tuscany
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Tenuta Casanova Winery

Not only are the views at this place incredible, but the food is so good! They hunt for their own truffles and have chickens that they serve their eggs from. They also make home made beauty products! This was one of our favorite stops in this region. We sipped on wine and ate until our hearts content.

best winery tuscany italy
best vineyards in tuscany
casanova winery tuscany italy
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Driving around tuscany

Tuscany italy
tuscany scooter rental italy
the best towns in tuscany

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