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Aw Firenze! What an amazing city. We always enjoy our time here so much. We stayed outside of the city(more on that later) and just took the train into town. It was so nice to stay in a quiet area just 15 min away and then come into the city whenever we wanted. Make sure when you are at the train station you are on the right side of the track for the train. We were all ready to go into the city and got on the wrong side of the track and didn’t realize it until the train got there. We had to run like crazy down the stairs, then up the different set of stairs to make sure we made it. Not a fun situation to find yourself in. We would just buy our tickets at the station and then you have to make sure and validate your ticket in these little machines before getting on the train.

No one ever checked our tickets but people told us to do it so we did. We would not advise renting a car and trying to find parking in Florence. Most everyone spoke English and it was very easy to get around on foot. Plus, anytime we would get lost, Hunter who literally is a walking map would just lead us back to the right place. We aren't into museums or going into crowded and busy places so we just walked around and took pictures, ate tons of pasta and gelato, and drank ourselves silly with wine! What more could you want? Until next time Florence!

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Valdi Rose B&B - This is the perfect place to stay just and is just a 15 minute train ride away the city. The family who runs the B&B are the sweetest and will make you feel right at home. The decor is simple and not fussy and they serve you cake for breakfast every morning!

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Santa Rosa Bistrot Florence italy
Florence Italy City Guide
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La Menagere - This place is a restaurant, coffee shop, and flower shop all in one.

4 Lioni - This is a great restaurant in the same square as some of the other restaurants above. They have wonderful ravioli!

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Santa Rosa Bistrot - One of our favorite restaurants in Florence. It reminds us of a place that would be in Austin. Super hip but very relaxed with great outdoor seating.

5 e Cinque - This tiny little restaurant is located in our favorite square in Florence called Piazza della Passera. It is owned by a husband and wife couple who are so sweet.


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Ditta Artigianale - This is a great place for coffee and a bite to eat. We like to go here to just hang out or get some work done. They have two different locations. One that is a bit smaller and the other that is two stories. We like the bigger one better.

Gelateria Della Passera - This is the best place for gelato in all of Florence...well, in our opinion anyway. 

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Best of Florence Italy
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Piazzalle Michelangelo - This spot overlooks the whole city and is the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

Officina Profumo Santa Maria Novella - This is the perfect place to get yourself some perfume while you are in Florence. It is an incredible building...We thought we had just walked into a museum. We both picked up a scent. Sarah went with Jasmine and Hunter with Tobacco.

Walk the ponte vecchio

vist the duomo - Do not pay to go up it unless you highly enjoy being in tight spaces with a lot of other people.

Best Things to Do in Florence Italy
What to do in Florence Italy
florence italy city guide
florence italy city guide
florence italy city guide
Florence City Guide
Florence City Guide
Florence Italy City Guide
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