Charleston, South Carolina


Charleston, Oh Charleston! We wanted to pack up all the adorable quaint homes with us and bring them home. The food is out of this world, from baked mac and cheese to ginger molasses cookies and of course lots of biscuits. It’s a city for foodies for sure. There is so much history to this town and it’s so fun to see the dates on the little plaques on each house.

Some of them dated back to the 1600's! So crazy! We couldn't go anywhere without having to stop every few minutes to take pictures. Plan on eating more than you should, walking way more than your used too, and wanting to come back year after year! Warning...this is basically a food guide because all you'll want to do it eat when you are here. 

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Planters Inn -  This hotel is located in the perfect area of town. You can walk everywhere and the rooms are so classic Charleston!

Zero George - This hotel is a another wonderful option to stay in. The decor is on point and so was the food!

zero george charelston
planters inn charelston south carolina
charleston city guide
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Cannon Green - This place is incredible. It was delicious and such an amazing build out.

Cru Cafe - Best Mac and Cheese EVER! Just get will thank us later.

Hominy Grill - This place is a Charleston classic. You just have to make sure that you go here for breakfast when you are in town. You can't go wrong with anything here.

FIG - Fig is one of our all time favorite spots. The sticky sorghum cake is a go to every single time. 

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best restaurants charleston
best restaurants charleston
best restaurants charleston
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Zero Restaurant and Bar -  Zero George is a hotel as well, but you can also just eat dinner there. We could live at this little place. It's beautiful and the food was so unique and delicious. This place had the best dessert out of anywhere that we went all week. 

Sugar Bakeshop - We are solely committed to getting the ginger molasses cookies every single time.

The Daily -  This is a super cool little place with coffee, juices, snacks, beer, wine...basically they have it all!


sugar bake shop charleston city guide
best restaurants charleston
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best lunch spots Charleston South Carolina
best lunch spots charleston south carolina
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Gnome Cafe - This is a little vegan spot with yummy eats and good coffee/smoothies.

Caviar and Bananas - This lovely place is right off of King Street and is great for a quick drink or snack..It's like a mini whole foods.

Bin 152 - This quaint wine bar has been a favorite since the first time we set our eyes on it. It's right on King street and is best enjoyed while raining! 

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 Walk around the city streets and enjoy the beautiful homes, lovely doors, and the southern charm of this city

Go to King Street and enjoy all the great shopping.




Charleston city guide
Charleston city guide
Charleston city guide
Charleston doors
charleston city guide
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Additional Restaurants and Shops



Taco Boy - Taco Boy is always a place that we have to go too. Great tacos and margs!

Basil Thai - This place has such great fried rice and their tom kha gai soup is killer.

The Ordinary -  We’ve only had drinks here but the staff was so friendly and the decor was great.

McCrady’s -  This upscale restaurant is tucked back in an alley way which makes for the perfect setting. It has great food and drinks. 



Best Restaurants Charleston South Carolina
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Charleston south carolina city guide
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Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer - Kudu is a lively coffee shop right off of King Street with a patio that's great for chatting and sitting for awhile.

Bakehouse - They have the best salted caramel brownie in the world.

City Lights Coffee -  City Lights is a little coffee shop right off of King Street and is really small but is so cozy and cute. 

Black Tap Coffee - Iced lavender yes.

The Gin Joint - My favorite thing about this fun bar is that on the menu they will let you just pick out two different words to tell your waiter...then they surprise you with a drink based on the words you picked.

Candlefish Shop - This place has great candles that are made in house that work as a great take home gift.


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