Pricing sheet

The truth is, your brand is awesome and deserves awesome content that speaks true to who it is. We seriously cannot wait to take the next steps to create that for you. Whether you're looking for digital content to share on your website, social media platforms or in print; or are looking for imagery to be shared to over 420,000 followers on our Instagram feeds, we're honored that you'd like to work together. 

*Add up Steps 1 - 4 to give yourself a basic quote for your project. 


Step 1: How much time will this project take?

half day rate:

$1500: includes time spent shooting + all post production* 

Full Day Rate:

$3000 includes time spent shooting + all post production*

       *Does not include post production for video projects.


Step 2: How do you plan to use the images? 

$1000: High Resolution images delivered with a Social Media Licensing agreement*

$2000: High Resolution images delivered with a Digital Licensing agreement for Social Media & Website use*

* Images needed for any usage beyond digital are quoted on a case by case basis.


Step 3: Does this project require any social media exclusivity?

$2000: per 30 day EXCLUSIVITY period for competing brands.*

*The price for exclusivity is subject to change if this period is during any major holidays. (ie: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)


Step 4: Are you wanting any social media exposure?

Sarah Lawrence 


$500 - Per Social Media post on Instagram.

$250 - Per Instagram Story Frame.

Aspen The Mountain Pup 


$3000 - Per Social Media post on Instagram. 

$750 - Per Instagram Story Frame.

Hunter lawrence 


$2000 - Per Social Media post on Instagram. 

$500 - Per Instagram Story Frame.


Step 5: Get excited, we're about to create something beautiful together!