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We first heard about Lime Wash a few years back and as soon as we saw it in person, we knew we had to have it in our home. We were so excited to partner up with Portola Paints who are based in Los Angeles. They blend every color by hand and their paint formulations are low odor and contain no VOCs which was really important to us.

We chose to do lime wash in the living/dining room, the kitchen and the bedroom. It was really easy to apply after we put on two coats of the primer. You just brush the lime wash right on. Just know that the paint dries much lighter than it goes on. We did a roman clay in the bathroom which had to be applied with a trowel. It has a smooth texture and I’m tempted to say that I would love my whole home to be roman clay. It would take forever though, hence why we only did the bottom half of the bathroom. :)

Jamie (Co owner) was so wonderful to work with and helped us with anything we needed. Don’t let painting your house with a certain technique intimidate you. It was actually really easy and we ended up having a lot of fun doing it…not to mention that we are so happy with how it all turned out! Our home is totally transformed!

Below are the colors we chose for each room.

Dining and Living Room: Lime Wash Feather

Bedroom: Lime Wash Half Life

Bathroom: Roman Clay Lynx

Kitchen: Lime Wash Duet

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