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Meet the Team

The Lawrence House is a result of the combined efforts of our family to tell beautiful stories in both domestic and international locations through photography, film, writing, and experience curation. We are a photography studio made up of Hunter and Sarah Lawrence along with our Golden Retriever Aspen.

Our passion is simple, to create beautiful content that is unique to your brand.

We are dedicated to uncovering the story behind your brand or product. We love finding the context and environment that will tell a greater tale of excellence and intentional design. We value high quality and love to share what we are using while on the move, so that our audience can invest in businesses who are doing things right.

We are a brand on the move & invite you to join us.


Sarah Lawrence - @sarah_michelle_lawrence

Sarah went to school to be a teacher but once she and Hunter got married, Hunter's passion for photography was contagious and so she decided to pick up a camera and join him. With a passion for health, lifestyle and interior spaces, Sarah has been fortunate to work with some amazing brands over the last few years. 


Aspen - @Aspenthemountainpup

Aspen spends more time in rivers and on mountain trails than just about anyone that we know. Wherever we go, you can be sure our 4 legged friend is along for the ride. From the mountains of Canada to coast of Oregon, this pup sure knows a good adventure when he sees one.

Hunter Lawrence - @hunter_lawrence

Hunter has been doing photography now for 8 years. He has a passion for the great outdoors, experiencing new cultures, and taking the road less traveled. After a trip to Honduras in 2010 he decided to forego the "traditional" type of job and decided to pursue photography and film full time. He hasn't looked back since.